The following is a list of special places in Rockport we like to say are "local" spots. Some are easy to access or find, others are not so well known and there are others like the trails of Dogtown that are a whole separate beast. For many of these spots, we recommend bug spray and good hiking footwear. Please respect all RESIDENT ONLY parking signs or you WILL get a ticket. Alternative parking is often nearby. Click on the map to the right to reference the numbered items below. We also have an Interactive Rockport Map that you can use to zoom in to street level. OK? Ready? Let's enjoy.... Shhhhh! It's a secret!!!

Cape Hedge Island (1) - While Cape Hedge is a well known Rockport beach, the island between it and Long Beach is a miniature treasure for exploring or snuggling with a special someone at sunset and a bottle of red. Accessible from the parking lot at the end of Seaview St.
Loblolly Cove / Emerson Point (2) - Another secluded spot great for surf fishing or a picnic in a rocky crag. A wonderful close view of Twin Lights (Thacher Island) awaits those who walk a few minutes over granite shards. Accessible from Old Penzance Road via Rt. 127A at Turks Head Inn.
Eden Road / Flat Ledges (3) - Eden Road is one of those roads where the residents prefer it to be a wreck so no one drives through. Access it from South St. or via Penzance Road off Rt. 127A. Close views of Thacher Island's Twin Lights and raucous waves in a nor'easter right next to you. There is also a "Way To" path to the rocks.
Whale Cove Landing (4) - A plaque for Samuel D. Champlain on a chicane of South St. marks the entrance to this gem. Private Road! You must park on South St. and access by foot past the horse farm or you will get towed or fined. At the end, walk to the right along the cliff gently down to the landing or delve right down steeply towards the water through a natural path/brook bed.  
Gap Head (5) - While Marmion Way is one of those popular trails a local takes to scope out a nor'easter wave or two, Gap Head is meant to be viewed in all climes. It's proximity to Straitsmouth Island is never more appreciated. Architectural evidence of the old Rockport Life Boat station exists on the north shore of the cove.
Pigeon Cove Harbor (8) - Further along Granite Street, one comes to an opening with a quick glimpse of the water just after the Cove chapel. Taking a right after the old Cape Ann Tool Company, find your way down to the Pigeon Cove Coop Fish Market. The shacks and working fleet offer a wonderful serene element of closeness that downtown Rockport does not.
Granite Pier / Old Stone Bridge (7) - Along Granite Street one crosses over a keystone granite bridge into "God's Country", AKA Pigeon Cove. Immediately after the crossing, bang a right. You will be splashed with an elevated view of Sandy Bay. Descend to the base and curl to the right. A short walk from the dry docked fleet is the under belly of the old bridge and the adventurous ones will continue on up to various quarries.
Cathedral Ledges (9) - Just up the shore dirt road from Pigeon Cove Harbor is Cathedral Ledges. Also accessible from Cathedral Ave. next to the Ralph Waldo Emerson Inn, this is a popular diving spot and lazy afternoon picnic locale.
Andrews Point (10) - Well down off Granite St. on Phillips Ave., past mansions and wooded lots, is Point De Chene Ave. which opens up to the Atlantic at Andrews Point. A public "Way To" allows for picnics on the rocks with views of Thachers Island and Sandy Bay to the south and the New Hampshire and Maine coast to the north.
Halibut Point State Park - Alternate trail (11) - Halibut Point State Park off Route 127 has been a wonderful utilization of public land gone federal for Rockport. It's self- guided tour of the quarry and granite industry alone is worth the hike. However, when exiting the parking lot, go further along Gott Ave. and NOT into the main entrance of the park. Following instincts, one comes to an alternate path that skirts private land. This path with its canopy of thickets and gentle slope to the water opens up into a grand view of Ipswich Bay and the NH/Maine coasts. This is a great adventure in a snowstorm or nor'east gale as the winds howl just above your head.
Dogtown Boardwalk (12) - A while back someone decided that the access to a wooded swamp would be a great idea. What a thought. This gem is in the thickets of Dogtown's edge, not far from Whales Jaw. Best access is from the parking lot at the top of Summit Ave. Follow the road to the water tower and then a path on its south side. This old fire trail is marked by spray painted dots on the trees when it gets grown in and narrow. When you come to the concrete damn, look carefully for the boardwalk on your right.
Cape Pond path (13) - Cape Pond is the main water supply for Rockport. Accessible from Beech Grove Cemetery, this path is a bit long and arduous and is tremendously buggy in summer months. You pass Kelly's pond first then follow a well marked fire road to the Pond.
Landmark Lane (14) - Drive up Landmark Lane from Granite Street across from the Yankee Clipper Inn on Rt. 127. The water tower on top marks its summit. While growth has all but stifled what once were wonderful views of the coast to the north, the fields on the south are wonderful picnic area's overlooking the village.
South Woods (15) - This is a rather short woods hike from the base of the 4th tee of the Rockport Golf Club (Off Rt. 127A) to the South End water tower. It can be buggy in the summer and can be very muddy even after a light rainfall. Down the road from the tower is the continuance of 127A.
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I hope to have pics for all spots soon. I realize there are a bunch more spots and we may get to the rest of the "Way To's" soon too. I also realize, even as a native Rockporter, that these places are sacred to some but they are still all public.