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Welcome to Rockport

  Cape Ann is proud to offer this exclusive website dedicated to just Rockport Massachusetts, a seaside destination on the tip of Cape Ann. This website is an unofficial informational guide to for lodging, dining and the many activities that the town has to offer. This information, images and links were compiled by a Rockport native and reflect years of knowledge and affection for the Town of Rockport. See more in the "About" section.

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-- About Rockport   
Rockport, Massachusetts was settled in the mid-1600's and is located on the eastern tip of the island of Cape Ann. Located about 35 miles northeast of Boston, Rockport is an historic art colony and fishing port as well as a highly regarded vacation destination for decades.  More...

Dining in Rockport 
From elegant sit-down dining on the harbor to a replenishing snack during your shopping excursions, it's all here. Several establishments are now able to serve alcohol with your meal.
Lodging in Rockport 
Rockport boasts a diverse selection of lodging from hotels and motels, to cozy Bed & Breakfasts and elegant Inns... many of which are close to downtown and on the water.
Rockport Beaches  
  Here is a list of Rockport beaches, location, amenities and brief description.
Downtown Business Directory 
Our visitors guide to downtown business: diverse restaurants, unique shops, jewelers, art galleries and much more covering Main Street, Dock Square and the infamous Bearskin Neck.
History of Rockport 
A collection of links to museums, historical attractions and seafaring activities as well as the best whale watching links in Gloucester.
Local Information  
Find information on Rockport weather, schools, transportation, tides, organizations, news and other stuff.
Image Gallery 
Local photographer Chris Spittle has been capturing the essence of Rockport through his lenses for 30 years, whether it be storm waves, flowers, children, local legends or intricate patterns, you get the picture...
Events Calendar  
This Rockport events calendar is courtesy of the Rockport Division of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

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