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Thached Moon
Teed Moon

Neon Glory
Neon Glory

Glory Bee
Glory Bee


Awaiting Rose

Posted rose
Posted Rose

Beach rose
HP Beach Rose

Blue Bomb
Blue Bomb

Daisy Drops
Daisy Drops

Iris' Poppie
Iris' Poppie

Tongue Twins
Tongue Twins

Layers Orange
Layers D'orange

Hide A Wink
Sun Wink

Bark Man
Bark Man

Home Sweet Home Plate

Rock Band


God Dam

Pier Snow Deer

56 Chevy

The Race

Front Beach Head

Bob's Tomatoes

Sand Meteorites

Thacher Wave

Snow Wreath

44317 Perfect Storm

Promontory Wave

T Wharf Skiffs

Patriotic Peg Leg

Gussie's Skiff

Front Beach Wave

Kenny's Katch

Motif Reflections

Stormin' Home

Row, Row, Row

Santa's Arrival

Seagull Aerobics

Motif Schooner

Thacher Sunrise

Straightsmouth Storm

Motif Frosting

Headin' In

Thacher Moon

Tall Ships 1976

Artist Kaplan

Wall Icicles


Prom Point